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Welcome to the online surf shop of W7, your web store for watersports and more! We are specialized on windsurfing, sup, foilwing, surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing and offer a huge variety of equipment, accessoires & more on the internet. The team is always ready to offer you the best possible prices and service for your favorite water sports. If you can not find certain items here in the surf shop - just send a short email!
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Feel and master the forces of nature - with the right equipment: selected surfboards from Torq & more and high-quality accessories

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Check out the great selection of premium windsurf brands: Sails, Boards, Masts, Booms and more from North Sails, NeilPryde, Naish, Ezzy, Cheeky, Fanatic, & Co.

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The ultimate fun in the wave - not just for the little ones! Bodyboards, bags, leashes and more

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Just slide freely and easily through waves and wind with high quality products: kites, boards, bars and more from Naish, PLKB & other known brands

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Stand Up Paddling

Whether touring, surfing, full-body fitness training, even windsurfing or small trips on an inflatable SUP: We have the right equipment for you!

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Wingsurfen & Foilwing

Wingsurf & Wingfoil

The hottest trend of this watersports season: Wing Surfing with a Foil under your feet and a wing in your hand gives you a feeling of total freedom...

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About the surfshop W7
For more than 10 years, we have sold equipment for water and wind sports. Our surfshop offers both recent and closeout material for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, bodyboarding, foilwing and skimboarding, SUP & more. In addition to windsurf boards, you also find sails, masts, booms and accessories. With our wide range of surf products, we cover all classes of windsurfing from freerace, freeride to freemove and wave gear so that our customers are perfectly equipped at the surf spot. Another important domain is all kinds of bags and packs for water sports such as surfboard bags, mastbags, quiver- and sessionbags, rig bags, equipment bags and boardbags, for example produced by Cheeky Windsurf. An extraordinarily popular kind of bag is the Prolimit Windurf Session Boardbag  which can not only hold two complete rigs but also a board so that you have all your windsurf gear in one bag. You will also love our huge choice of windsurf accessories and spare parts such as mast extensions, baseplates, harness lines etc. You can also buy waterproof bags, backpacks and pouches in our online surfshop. These are perfect accessories for every water sports enthusiast. Windsurf This surf sport goes back to 1964 and has been a further development from wavesurfing. The motivation for this was to reduce the efforts of paddling and to use the force of the wind. Hoyle Schweitzer is the name of the inventor connected to the beginnings of windsufing. Many innovations and further developments have made windsurfing to what it is today: A mass funsport. Although it has seen its high times at the end of the 90s, nowadays, the entry lists in surf schools become longer again. The newest development, wind foiling, might give another push to this fantastic sport. Surfing This is the very beginning of all surf sports. It is at the same time the surf sport with the least volatitliy when it comes to trends. Crusing on a longboard on long and smaller waves is almost like meditation and a method for keeping the work-life-balance. Or you can make radical turns in the breaking waves on your shortboard. So surfing is also a very versatile sports. Some surfers consider standing on a surfboard as total freedom and as a lifestyle that gives identity. Our surfshop offers everything you need for surfing: Boards, boardbags, socks, leashes, wax and wetsuits. Have a look around. Bodyboarding It is the little brother of surfing but nonetheless a big fun in the waves: Bodyboarding. Another advantage is that it is very easy to learn and that the spot requirements are not so strict: You can do bodyboarding almost in any wave condition. Also, bodyboards are smaller and therefore much easier to transport. Kitesurfing We see a lot of dynamics in kitesurfing, and compared to windsurfing, the kite equipment is more compact and easier. But this is not the only reason for the big success of this surf sport: There are little water sports that make this variety of jumps and tricks possible. With a kiteboard, a kite, a control bar, a harness and a wetsuit, you are ready to go and make progress in this adrenaline sport. In our kiteshop, you will not find the run-of-the-mill kite gear that every shop offers, but only hand-chosesn kite equipment. Wing Surfing & Foilwing This is the newest hype in surfing: A wing that you hold in your hands and that is not at all attached to a board -you just hold it in your hands and have a more direct steering than when you control your kite high in the air. The small and wide boards are usually equipped with a hydrofoil (or foil), that is why this sport is often called foilwing as well. The sport just feels so easy as the equipment is very compact and lightweight, and as the wing feels light in your hands. Afer all, you do not have to tow the whole board through the water as the foil lifts it out of the water. There is no better feeling of freedom and easiness than while wingsurfing. Surf Shop | nederlandse Surfshop