Wind Foil

Wind Foil Surfing

More time on the water - thanks to wind foils already from 10 knots!

"Will there be enough wind today - or not?" This is an important and frequently asked question asked by windsurfers when they consult their wind apps. Foil Windsurfers mustn't be too much concerned about this, as windfoiling is not only great fun, but you have the special feeling of freedom and lightness and maximize their number of surfing days. Even at spots where you often only see race material and unhandy slalom equipment, windfoiling works fine as well! And you can even choose much smaller sail sizes and plane early...

Neilpryde Glide Surf Foil Slim 2020
instead 999,00 EUR
only 599,40 EUR
You save 40%
incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
Fanatic Mast and Fuselage Set for Aero Foils
from 619,00 EUR
incl. 19% VAT excl. Shipping costs
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